Colorado – More Than Just a Place to Ski

Colorado is incredibly beautiful. There are forested mountain slopes, clear, swift flowing streams filled with trout, and open plains populated by deer. But when winter comes, Colorado truly becomes a special place. Located in the Rocky Mountain region of the United States, Colorado is a wonder to behold.

Each year, millions flock here to take in the scenic views of the Rockies and pleasant climate. The eastern two-fifths of the state is flat and is used to raise cattle, Colorado’s leading agricultural activity. Overall, Colorado has the highest average altitude of any of the states. It is about 6,800 feet above sea level. That is why millions flock to Colorado ski resorts each winter.

Colorado is a true winter wonderland. Although the state averages 15 inches of precipitation annually, the mountainous regions get over 20 inches each year. This means there is always enough powdery snow drifting down onto the many Colorado ski hotels.

From the time the ski season opens in November until it ends in April, the ski slopes are enveloped in gleaming white snow. radon testing colorado springs

If a five month ski season and a chance to hob knob with the beautiful people who inhabit Colorado ski resorts is not enough to get you to the Centennial State, then the discount ski holidays offered by the travel operators will be. There is sure to be a package to fit any budget.

Ski vacations are not all tailored for bargain shoppers. Some people come to the Colorado ski resorts to get away from the hoi polloi and spend quiet time with a loved one. Many of these seclusion seekers have unlimited budgets, and Colorado has quite a few ski resorts that can provide the perfect romantic getaway. For superior ski slopes, Colorado has a number of cities like Aspen, Arapahoe Basin, Steamboat Springs, Winter Park and Vail. There the jet set frolic in the snow, cuddle in steaming outdoor hot tubs, or embrace in front a crackling fire as snow blankets the earth around their hideaway.

Colorado has much more to offer visitors. You can climb the Rockies and see the headwaters of the mighty Colorado River. There is Grand Lake, a lake formed by glaciers. There is also Summit Lake located over 12,700 feet above sea level. Colorado is also has stunning rock formations. Any visitor must see the famous Pike’s Peak. Other picturesque locations include the Garden of the Gods, Devil’s Kitchen, and Window Rock and of course the Colorado National Monument, a group of truly unusual rock formations in western Colorado. Yes, you can ski in Colorado, but you can do so much more. Come to Colorado!

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