Don’t Know What Happened to Your Audio Drivers?

The leading cause of not being able to hear anything out of your speakers or headphones is an issue with your audio drivers. Corrupt of outdated audio drivers can cause no sound to come out of your sound card as easily as if your headphone or speakers were not plugged in or your sound were muted.

What Are Audio Drivers?

Audio drivers are bits of programming that allow your sound card to talk to Windows. The drivers act as a translator between your hardware and Windows. So when you have updated Windows, changed to a newer version of Windows, or maybe changed sound cards and not changed drivers, you get this problem. Viruses and malware can also cause driver issues. Your sound card has to be able to “talk” to Windows for you to get sound.

How to Troubleshoot Problems Related to Audio

The first thing to do is see if Windows recognizes that the driver is not working properly. To do that, we go into Device Manager. To get there follow these steps:


  1. Click Start
  2. Click Control Panel
  3. Click System and Security, under System click Device Manager


A list of all your hardware is presented here. If there are any errors in your device drivers that Windows recognizes, you will see a yellow exclamation point, otherwise everything will be green check marks. Your sound card should be under “Sound, video and game controllers.” If your sound card is factory installed and has an error, you can try running Windows Update and seeing if that fixes the error.

Downloading the Updated Sound Driver

Sometimes you need to update the driver yourself. If you have gone into Device Manager and found the sound card so you know the make and model, you can find the manufacturer’s website. You’re going to have to download the latest drivers from the manufacturer’s website for your sound card if you want to get your sound to work and then install the drivers.

To download the drivers from the website:


  1. Go to the manufacturer’s website and look for “Support” or “Downloads”
  2. Enter the model information in the search box
  3. Download the driver that is compatible with your operating system to a location you will remember


To update the driver:


  1. Go to Start
  2. Click on Control Panel to the Right
  3. Click on System and Security
  4. Under System click Device Manager
  5. Go to Sound, video and game controllers
  6. Double click on the sound card
  7. Click the Driver tab
  8. Click the Update Driver button
  9. Browse to where you saved the file
  10. Install the update and reboot if asked Clackmann Weather


Of course that’s a lot of work to go through for just one file. Recently programmers have come up with a solution for the average computer user that is less time consuming and less of a hassle. These programmers realized that driver issues affect a great many people regularly and if they could provide a solution that was simple, and effective, there would be a market.

This gave birth to the software now known as driver update software. It regularly scans your hardware, and then pulls from original manufacturer sites for the newest drivers for your hardware. Then you update your drivers with the newest drivers available. Keeping you up to date, thus avoiding all the hassle of corrupt or out of date drivers.

No more Device Manager. No more searching manufacturer’s websites. No more manual installation of drivers. All automatically done for you in the background, hassle-free.

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