Samsung Galaxy M01 Smartphone – A Review of its Design and Performance


Buy the Samsung Galaxy M01, that not only has charming looks to it but is also well equipped with impressive features too. The mobile phone has been launched in India on April 2, 2021 ( Official) at an starting price of Rs 9000. It comes with a powerful quad-core processor, packed with plenty of storage space, an ultra high resolution camera and runs on a powerful 1 GB RAM. With such an advanced mobile phone one can expect a smooth and fast life-cycle. This Samsung Galaxy M01 has a unique user-friendly interface which makes it all the more attractive for the users. samsung galaxy m01

Samsung galaxy m11 has a unique aspect ratio in the form of curved screen and larger than its predecessor the Samsung galaxy S8. This aspect ratio gives an illusion of wider screen when viewed from any direction. The touch sensitivity of the Samsung Galaxy M01 is better than the samsung galaxy S8. However the difference does not appear when comparing the two high-end handsets when it comes to battery consumption. Both handsets run on different processors and the one with S BB10 heart is more efficient than the one with Exynos processor. The Samsung Galaxy M01 has a single speaker in the base, but when compared to the S8 which has dual speakers the sound is not as strong.

One of the biggest complaints against the Samsung galaxy m01 was about the battery consumption. The battery used to give several hours of talk time but the power consumption was so high that it often left the users in the dark at night. The good thing is that this problem has been addressed and the manufacturer has incorporated a special battery saving feature in the new handset. Users can enjoy a long talk time without the fear of low battery levels.

The second biggest complaint against this handset was the lack of a decent camera set up on the Samsung Galaxy M01. Despite its many advanced attributes such as Dual Shot and panning, the real weakness of this handset was its poor primary camera setup. With a front-mounted secondary camera the Samsung Galaxy M01 failed to impress with its pictures and videos. The quality seemed to be quite poor and there were many instances where the images ended up out of focus or captured in weird angles. Worse still, the images appeared dull and lacked any true definition despite having excellent color conversions.

Despite these faults, the Samsung Galaxy M01 did manage to retain some features that have been standard with modern handsets. For example, the users can synchronize their Samsung Galaxy S7 games with their Samsung Galaxy M01 via an infrared wireless connection. The infrared technology helps transfer the images from the camera to the handset without causing any heat or image distortion. When it comes to the video section, the user can enjoy excellent picture and sound quality. Furthermore, the users can also enjoy a dual rear camera set up that is capable of switching between the two cameras.

The Samsung Galaxy M01 smartphone offers a very good feature-set for those who are looking for features that are beyond the average smartphone. It has several innovative features such as a pressure sensitive screen that responds to how hard you touch the display. In addition, the handset manages to retain the high level of resolution of the iPhone for an enhanced viewing experience. This means that if you are watching a video on the Samsung Galaxy M01 or feel that the images are not too clear, you will notice that the resolution is not compromised. If you want high quality pictures and videos, then you should definitely check out the Samsung galaxy m01 smartphone.

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